A Cheap Pressure Washer “The Real Deal”

Most industries have secrets… these are secrets about industry practices which are never in the consumers best interests. This is why the ‘insider reveals all’ book format sells so many books. Unfortunately for the unwary consumer the pressure washer industry is no different. So what secret could this industry possibly be concealing?

Let me answer this as directly as I possibly can… it’s the secret of the cheap pressure washer, known in the industry as the ‘throw away unit’.

The throw away unit is simply the manufacture of a pressure washer whose design and construction has no intended value for the consumer… period.

A well designed and constructed pressure washer has virtually unlimited applications for the homeowner and business owner alike, commercial pressure washer for sale it truly is a versatile engineering marvel.

The question You are probably asking now is ” then why would manufacturers make throw away units?”

The answer is simple really…EASY MONEY!┬áMany manufacturers understand that the average consumer has literally no clue about what goes into the manufacture of a reliable pressure washing system and this is something they can readily take advantage of.

As the former owner of a tool rental center for 15 years I can personally attest to the general lack of knowledge possessed by Joe consumer when it comes to pressure washers.

A throw away unit is designed to achieve one thing and one thing only… an extremely low price point! The marketing equation is:

lowest price = easiest sales

The consumer really isn’t at fault here, after all how is he/she to know?

The pressure washer industry as a whole would have to be categorized as a fragmented industry. There are many excellent manufacturers in the marketplace today but there are just as many, who in my opinion, rate far less than so-so due to lack of marketing integrity or manufacturing competence and in some cases even both. Those with the willingness to foist patently inferior products on an unsuspecting public is a general disgrace to a fine and mostly ethical industry.

Seeing this general lack of consumer awareness day after day for 15 years is what motivated me to develop my website The-Power-Washer-Advisor. The primary mission of this site is to bridge the knowledge gap and to do my little part in helping dry up the market for these throw away pressure washers.

Want to see some throw away pressure washers?… Just go to eBay and type in the words pressure washer in the search box. What you’ll see is a ton of “new” pressure washers mostly at rediculously low prices. Real bargains right? Not really… eBay happens to be the largest showcase of throw away pressure washers to ever be assembled in one place.

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