COVID-19 Donations for Africa

Support vulnerable families economically impacted by COVID-19

We’re delivering emergency cash relief for COVID-19.

As governments impose lockdowns to limit the spread of COVID-19, many families are suddenly unable to continue earning a living. Few have the financial resources to deal with this crisis. for instance , in Mathare, an urban slum in Nairobi, 95% say they’re eating less thanks to COVID-19.

This is the time for direct giving — it’s fast, it’s efficient, and it allows each individual to pursue their own specific needs. And most significantly , it provides the dignity of choice and respect.

Our 4-step payment process is now fully contactless.

1. Target

To find recipients fast, we’re partnering with community-based organizations, health providers, governments, and cell network carriers to spot vulnerable populations in need – people hard hit by COVID-19 who were living in extreme poverty before the crisis.

2. Enroll

Before COVID-19 we hosted community barazas (village meetings) then went door-to-door to enroll recipients. Today, we’ve moved to a 100% contactless enrollment model, with our remote call centre staff conducting enrollment surveys via phone calls or text messages.

3. Pay

We use mobile money to send transfers that cover recipients’ basic needs for 2 to 6 months, counting on the country and program. Recipients receive a text message alert when the funds have arrived on their phone.

4. Follow-up & audit

We call each recipient to verify receipt of funds and evaluate recipients’ experience with our program. additionally , our internal audit team follows up with a subset of recipients to spot and investigate potential fraud.

Kenya – supporting people in urban slums

We’re sending cash to families living within the Mathare, Kibera, and other informal settlements within Nairobi.

Urban slums are already seeing the impacts of COVID-19. during a recent survey of Give to Africa recipients, 97% of recipients said they need lost income thanks to COVID-19.

Via the non-profit SHOFCO, we’re ready to reach 20k+ children living in Mathare and Kibera. We are working with other local orgs to rapidly increase the amount of households we will reach.
Each household will receive three monthly $30 payments. We verify each recipients’ identity, obtain consent, and send three monthly $30 payments to their digital MPesa wallets – all 100% remotely.
First payments went out on May 15, 2020. We are currently working to succeed in 50k+ new individuals over subsequent two months.

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