Guide to Kitchen Mandolin Slicers

Though you may not find a kitchen mandolin slicer in the kitchen of every home, almost every chef in a restaurant uses a tool like this as part of their job. Here’s a quick guide to understanding kitchen mandolin slicers and how they can be a really useful tool in the kitchen.

After all, cooking is not just about preparation, presentation of the food is equally important. Just have a look at any salad dish, or the more popular french fries; making those slices by knife is almost impossible, and even if you attempt it, it’s going to take you ages.

That is where a kitchen mandolin, also known as mandolin, is a handy tool to accomplish all your slicing tasks.

Be it for exact repetitive slicing or for decorative cuts, there’s nothing that can help you get the job done, except for this tool. So chuck that knife and cutting board away and use a slicer.

However, getting used to one can take some time. best mandoline slicer You need to be patient initially and spend some time experimenting to know what size of vegetable works best.

Remember, you also need to be careful as these come with strong, sharp blades (that are replaceable). The replaceable blades make it easy to clean them. Many mandolins also come with safety devices, especially useful for chefs who do this task day in and out. When using at home, it’s always best to sacrifice a portion of the vegetable as a grip for the safety handle. And also make sure, your kids don’t lay their hands on this one.

In terms of choices, there are many, ranging from the power tools to the more manual ones. Depending on how many people you cook for, you may choose one with a few blades or something that can use several different types of blades.

The price also varies depending on the sharpness of the blade, how many interchangeable blades can be used, and even the sturdiness of the slicer.

To someone who has not used one before, it may look like too fussy a tool, with all those different blades, but you can always go for a simple one with one or two blades. Even using it is not that difficult once you get a hang of it. The fact is that even the simplest and the cheapest kitchen mandolin slicer will actually make your life so much easier in the kitchen.

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