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Quran Academy to Learn Quran

There was a time when people did not have any imagination of being able to learn what they wanted to learn while sitting in their home, very far away from the teacher or any classroom. This time was not very far in the past. People who have grown up in early 2000s also belong to the era in which the possibility of live classes with the distance between teacher and student would be seen as imagination of unreal situations. But the advancement in the computer technology and wide spread of internet facility to the common people have made it easy for the parents to ensure the quality education for their kids online. Now, a Quran Academy offers online Quran courses in which the recitation and memorization of Quran is made possible with the knowledge of Tajweed. There are millions of Muslims from Islamic Republic of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Arab countries live in the western world where the Islamic centers offering quality Islamic Education are in scarcity and thus, there is a gap between the needs of the Muslim and available sources with respect to the Quranic Education. This gap is efficiently filled by the Quran tuition online system which can be availed through any online Quran Academy in USA and UK. In the next part of this post we are going to describe briefly about the online Quran education system for kids and youngsters and the benefits of this system.

Online Quran Academy for Kids and Youngsters

Before going to the benefits of the online Quran Academy for kids and youngsters, let’s have glance on the system that is applied in the online Quran Academy system. Generally, the academy tests the student’s ability by a brief test and then the academy provides a teacher for the student according to the agreed weekly sessions. If the student is very fresh, or his fundamentals of Quranic pronunciations are not satisfactory, the education begins from the very roots. In such a situation the education begins with Noorani Qaida. By the Noorani Qaida the student is made able to know the Arabic alphabets, the vowels, the Makharij of the pronunciation of the Arabic alphabets, the style of conjoining different Arabic alphabets with one another. Due to the importance of Noorani Qaida with respect of a correct recitation of the Holy Quran, the teacher should be allowed to take as much time as he needs in order to seed the basics of Quranic recitations in the mind of the student. Once the teacher and student are done with the Noorani Qaidathe student should be able to recite Quran fluently. But, in order to ensure the correctness of the recitation the teacher supervises one complete recitation of the Holy Quran by the Student. Once the student recites complete Holy Quran without any mistake, the education of the recitation of Quran reaches to the formal end. Apart from the recitation of Quran, the online Quran Academy for kids and youngstersalso provides the training about daily supplications and Tafseer as well. Furthermore, if a student wishes, the online academy has the facility of the facilitating the student in memorizing Quran.

There are a number of benefits of Quran tuition online which convinces the Muslim parents in general and those living in Western world where Islamic centers are in scarcity, to put their kids in an online Quran academy where a quality education about the Holy Quran is provided very efficiently. Some of the benefits associated with the online Quran academies are as follows:

  1. Flexibility: one of the most important benefits of the online Quran courses is the flexibility. In the campus based education the student is bound to follow the time table provided by the campus administration. But in the online education system the student is in a position to decide the time that suits his schedule.
  2. Safety: Another important benefit of the online education is the safety. This is because the student remains inside the home while learning the recitation of Quran. Since he does not need to get out of the home and visit some place or person to learn the Quran, his safety is ensured. He gets the quality education while he is sitting in his home in front of his parents.

To conclude the discussion, we may safely say that the online Quran courses are the best option particularly for the people living in the western countries in order to provide the quality education of recitation of Quran with the knowledge of Tajweed.

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