Is the Internet Taking Over TV Entertainment?

There is no doubt in saying that when it comes to television, cable and satellite solutions have monopolized the industry. But, as time has progressed, the Internet has started taking television entertainment in its own perspective. With the capability of getting your standard cable and satellite channels right off of the Web, the Internet is jumping into the television entertainment industry in full force.

Imagine this: what if you had the choice between getting all of your favorite television channels for a monthly fee, or getting them all for a one-time price? While there are people who would still take the recurring fee option (because of feeling uncomfortable with new technology), many others would rather get all of their favorite channels for a one-time fee. Don’t believe this is true? Think again.

There is currently a company out there selling a product that provides cable and satellite channels directly onto your computer… all for a single up-front cost. This solution provides upwards of 3,000 different television channels and radio stations, all of which can be accessed directly through your modem. And no, these channels are not unknown UHF channels located in the middle of nowhere. The channels that can be acquired through this system are the exact same ones you can get through cable and satellite packages (i.e. ESPN, ABC, movie channels, etc).

That’s not even the half of it either. With standard cable and satellite packages, you primarily get local and national stations. But, this company took that idea one step further and also gives you the potential of watching television stations from across the globe. how to install hulu This package includes so many channels that this company thought the best way to organize all of them was by country. It definitely puts television viewing in a completely different perspective.

So, what does this mean for traditional cable and satellite alternatives? The truth is, it is very difficult to tell. Because both satellite and cable solutions continue to do very well in the television entertainment industry, who knows what kind of impact these new television solutions will provide. One huge advantage cable and satellite companies currently have that television innovators such as at don’t is customer loyalty. While monthly prices may continue to increase in small amounts, people thoroughly enjoy their current television packages. On top of that, there are many people out there who are afraid of change, especially when that change comes from a technological perspective.

In the end, the question still lingers as to whether or not Internet-fueled television solutions will become popular. There has been no doubt that online videos have become a huge hit, but will that same craze follow with watching television stations online? One thing if for certain though: the Internet and online communities will continue to bring forth innovative products to the television industry.

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