ITIL Certification: Exam Prep and Career Path

ITIL or Information Technology Infrastructure Library is the framework that can be applied to IT service management for better delivery of IT services. It describes and defines certain design guidelines that need to be followed while carrying out IT projects. It is a lifecycle model and consists of best practices encompassing 5 lifecycle stages. These 5 lifecycle stages of the ITIL are widely applicable and are known for their efficiency in making IT projects more productive. ITIL focuses on improving the involvement of customers and stakeholders in the project. The active involvement of all the shareholders will ensure that the project meets consumer demands in the end.

Consistency is the key to success for any kind of organization, and the ITIL ensures that by helping companies deliver their services according to a set of consistent processes. This will result in predictability and will make the customers satisfied with the end services. Quality improvement and better management of data is a core area of the ITIL framework that will allow companies to adapt to changing business requirements.

The ITIL Certification Exam – career path

The ITIL certification is distributed by Axelos and is delivered by the help of hundreds of Accredited Training Organizations that train and guide prospective candidates to get an ITIL certification successfully.

There are a total of 5 levels in the ITIL certification program. Let’s have a look at the 5 levels of the ITIL certification.

  • ITIL Foundation level. This is the level from which beginners have to start. It covers a broad spectrum of ideas and imparts them to candidates who will get thorough with all the terminologies of ITIL.
  • ITIL Practitioner level. This is a slightly advanced level and will allow you to practice the learned terminologies in real life.
  • ITIL Intermediate level. This is the level that is associated with the lifecycle stages of ITIL and focuses on the capability categories.
  • ITIL Expert Level. This stage is for professionals who have cleared all the above exams and are looking to get an edge over their colleagues.
  • ITIL Master Level. This is the highest level provided by the ITIL and is known to be very difficult.

Throughout the exam, there are credit points that you can acquire to make you appear for the next level of examination. Not scoring adequate points will result in a decrease in your credentials. For the ITIL Expert Level certification, you would need to score a minimum of 22 credit points.

Why is the ITIL beneficial to you?

The ITIL is highly beneficial to individuals hoping to make a career in the IT industry. If you don’t have enough money to pursue a sophisticated course, achieving the ITIL course will help you to get the job of your choice. You will be able to understand the details involved in carrying out a project and can deliver the same consistency throughout all projects.

What are the 5 ITIL lifecycle stages?

There are five lifecycle stages in ITIL pertaining to IT services.

  1. Strategy. This stage focus on defining services by maintaining a coherent policy. You will be able to improve by applying efficient decision making. The efficient strategy will ensure the success f projects.
  2. Design. The designing phase of any project is really crucial as it determines how the project will function in the long run. A well-designed product will have better chances of being successful.
  3. Transition. This stage is the process of transition from the designing stage to the production stage.
  4. Operation. Managing operations of projects is really crucial as it would help you to sail through the rest of the project easily.
  5. Continuous service improvement. Following up after a project is really important as it will lead to better customer satisfaction and increased success of the product.

Prepping for the Exam

The ITIL exam is a series of MCQ based papers. Each of the paper focuses on key principles of ITIL and how to use them in real life. Based on the level that you appear for, you need to read the study materials thoroughly before the exam. Try to start your preparations for at least 3 months to the exam. This would give you enough time to brush up your knowledge.

This was all you needed to know about the Exam prep and career paths of the ITIL certification. Become an ITIL certified professional today to get your dream job in the IT industry.

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